Design Study
Strategy, Spatial Design, Service Design, UX/UI, 3D Modeling
Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, After Effects
The Background
There is a wealth of amazing and diverse narratives in the world of comics.
With the vast amount of characters and stories represented in the comic medium, new fans can easily be overwhelmed. The surge of interest arising from the Box Office portrayals of these iconic characters has created a demand for to access their source materials.
The Problem
Fans of these iconic characters are looking for a more accessible way to access their source materials.
With nearly over one hundred years of origins, reboots, spinoffs, cancellations, it's hard to know where to start knowing the original essence of these characters. People feel intimidated entering these spaces of fandoms without having any or little prior knowledge of these communities.
The Store
Your Window to a New World
The Panel store emulates the most upscale libraries and bookstores to provide calming, relaxed, and classical atmosphere unseen in a comic and graphic novel store.

Engage in a calming reading environment

Panel invites patrons to stay and utilize the reading, community, and gaming spaces. Relax and grab a refreshment at the café as well.

In-App Experience
Access Stories on Any Level
With the vast amount of characters and stories represented in the comic medium, new fans can easily be overwhelmed. Panel alleviates this by promoting Essential collections for fans to easily pick up the most quintessential stories in the comic world.

Build Community

Geek out with the Panel community over the latest releases, play tabletop games with the party you just joined, or create your own stories in the variety of community rooms available to reserve through the
Panel app.

Panel Vision
From Screen to Panel
Experience the next chapter of comic viewing. The Panel Vision AR feature allows you to preview comics, experience Live Cover animations, and interact with your favorite characters in the store.

Hang with
your favorites

Around the store you will find Panel Vision icons. Scan the icon and meet some of the best and brightest from the comic world.

Animated Covers

Find more appreciation for classics with new animated covers for select works,

Know what you're getting with comic previews
Want to read your comics but still keep them in mint condition? Use Panel Vision to preview and read your comics without them having to leave the protective sleeve. Get to know what you're purchasing without worry.