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The Millennium DXL 35
Achieve, maintain and realize your vision in the stunning quality of both analog and
digital formats.
For all film productions and/or individual filmmakers who want a professional digital camera with an option to use 35mm film with the same system.
Built from the ground up with both mediums in mind.
The Millennium DXL 35 an optical reflex digital camera that allows users to switch between an analogue 35mm magazine and a Panavision DXL digital unit. Unlike other optical reflex digital cameras, this will be a product designed from the ground up to be compatible and easy to use with both formats. Our product will be the first of its kind available and will serve as the only new 35mm format camera in the current market.
  • Offers users ability to use both high end analog and digital workflows all within a modern camera package. 
  • Compatible with all Panavision DXL series accessories and rigs. Comes with PV lens mount.
  • Will be the only new analog format system on the market with 24/7 on set support by Panavision professionals.
There has been a reviving interest in analogue formats in the film industry.
Like the new founded interest in vinyl, both experienced and emerging filmmakers are embracing the look and feel of celluloid. Big budget films like Star Wars, the James Bond franchise, The French Dispatch, and many others are still shooting on 35mm film.
Even with its popularity, film is still a cumbersome medium that digital is
phasing out.
Film is both expensive and hard to process, the advent of digital technologies has made sets much more efficient. The disciplined practice of shooting on film is sought after though, filmmakers tend to be much more careful and precise with their shots working on 35mm.
Access formats at any level.
Our research suggests that to ensure the continued success of analog formats we must target and engage the interest of the future filmmaking community.
Panavision New Filmmaker Program
Using the already existing New Filmmaker Program, the DXL 35 package’s marketing will initially be targeted towards Film Schools and aspiring filmmakers as a learning opportunity to engage with digital and analog formats.